BCB 16: Angel-Corlux of 505 Games

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Angel-Corlux (Roberto) from 505 Games answers questions from the community as we record live from Discord and Twitch chats.


Thoughts inspired by Tom Happ’s interview


This is a recent interview with Tom Happ by the Bloodstained Community Broadcast peeps. Bloodstained is a game due to come out hopefully sooner than later, that could be called a Metroidvania, along with  Tom Happ’s Axiom Verge. Castlevania: SoTN is also made by the same guy as the forthcoming Bloodstained and he prefers the term “Igavania”. In a way, I can see it as a subgenre of Metroidvanias, (using my previous definition). Using your family name in the genre though is a bit “funny”, if you ask me. Anyway, I’m already digressing. It was an interesting talk and was my first time listening to Tom Happ. I wrote down some points that I’d like to share some thoughts on for my coffee blogging time this lovely Sunday morning.

Happ mentioned that Zelda was pretty much in the same genre of Metroidvanias and I totally agree. Its about getting…

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